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WheatNet IP Driver

The WheatNet IP Audio Driver is PC software that streams audio bi-directionally via an Ethernet port, enabling any computer used for any purpose such as program automation, storage or logging to become part of the WheatNet-IP network. It will allow any Windows 7 or 10 device to send and receive audio packets as a member of the WheatNet‐IP system.

The WheatNet-IP PC driver enables broadcasters to play audio throughout the entire WheatNet-IP network of studios and PCs without the use of soundcards. It emulates your soundcard through standard NIC allowing you to play and record on 1-24 channels and take advantage of 128 logic ports.

On a modern PC, the driver will allow up to 24 different audio streams playing back simultaneously while accepting 24 different audio input streams (depending on the capability of the PC and Operating System). That’s a lot of audio and you’ll need to make sure the PC has a 1GB Ethernet NIC card installed if you need that many channels.

The WheatNet-IP driver also provides 128 SLIO ports (Software Logic Input-Output) that communicate over the network and can connect to WheatNet-IP system logic functions allowing up to 128 logic control functions between the PC and the WNIP system for Start-Stop, Next, and whatever else the PC is set up for — all without physical logic cabling.

Please note that any PC can use the WheatNet‐IP AoIP driver; it doesn’t need to be an Automation server. If you want to stream your station’s PROGRAM output to the PD’s office PC, you can. Likewise, many modern audio devices such as codecs are really PCs at heart. If they are running Windows 7 or 10 and can work with standard WDM drivers, they can most likely be directly connected to the WheatNet‐IP system.

Minimum requirements for the Wheatstone WheatNet-IP AoIP Driver:
– OS: Windows 7 or 10 Professional Operating System (Windows 8 is not supported)
– Processor: Dual Core Processor
– RAM: 4gig for Windows 7 and 8 Gig for Windows 10.
– NIC: Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (Dedicated for the Wheatnet IP Network) USB Adapters NOT recommended or supported.

Available in single (stereo) channel, four stereo pair, eight stereo pair, and 24 channel versions

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