Gibraltar IP Mix Engine

Gibraltar IP Mix Engine

Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is the industry’s first IP network interface for a new breed of audio mixing consoles that provide never-before control and access throughout the entire studio operation.

The Gibraltar IP Mix Engine provides Wheatstone’s line of audio consoles with direct connectivity into WheatNet-IP, an AES67 compatible IP audio network with all the necessary broadcast audio tools and controls integrated into one robust, distributed network.

Among the benefits of WheatNet-IP networked audio consoles are:

  • With all I/O managed through the IP network, the IP console has no limitations with fixed connection points on the console chassis itself. Any channel can connect to any audio source, using any preferred audio format at any time, whether it’s HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, Analog or TDM
  • No soundcards needed. Listen to any crosspoint in the network and move audio around the studio, without a single soundcard.
  • Common platform for resource sharing.
  • Share VTRs, mics and mixing consoles across one common IP platform, whether for live broadcast or post-production.
  • Based on native IP, for directly transferring multiple stereo channels from the audio workstation to the console with no A/D/A conversion required.
  • Direct connectivity to automation. Talks IP to all of the commonly used production automation systems. No serial data conversions needed.
  • 24/7/365 reliability. Each amazing I/O BLADE in the WheatNet-IP network is self-aware, and can reconfigure itself in an emergency. In fact, each BLADE in the network can recover settings for your entire studio operation!
  • Changes are a lot easier. Reuse studios for multiple purposes. Instantly change mic feeds, IFB connections and processing settings, either on the fly or using presets.
  • Finally, a way to control audio. Logic controls follow audio on the same cable. Pick up a mic feed and the processing settings for that mic in Studio A same as in Studio B.
  • AES67 compatible.
  • All sources in the network are accessible, and every destination visible from the console.
  • The new Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is available for Arcus, Strata 32, Dimension Three, Series Four, D8-EX digital mixing consoles from Wheatstone. The new engine is capable of 1,024 channels of simultaneous digital signal processing, giving IP audio consoles the ability to handle any post- or live production thrown at it.


  • IP network interface and mix engine for Wheatstone’s IP networked consoles

  • AES67 compatible

  • Up to 1024 DSP processing signal paths (any combination of 5.1, stereo, and mono channels)

  • Talks native IP to standard production automation systems. No serial data conversions required.

  • Can apply processing functions to 768 input paths and 256 mix output paths simultaneously

  • Flexible mixing architecture allows over 500 mix busses

  • 4 band fully parametric EQ with HF/LF peaking or shelving

  • 3 parametric filters (high pass, low pass, & notch)

  • Parametric compression, limiting, and gating

  • 16 control channels for keying/ducking/sidechain applications

  • Panning and surround imaging control

  • Individual input and output delay capability; up to 650mS per path



4RU, 19"/48.3cm wide

7"/17.8cm high

16"/40.6cm deep

18"/45.7cm deep w/connectors

Power supply External


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