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Placing a processor everywhere you’d like one has been a costly and impractical proposition. 
Until now.

With a single Aura8-IP-3, you can have up to eight processors to use as you wish. Use it as a standalone processor with analog and digital inputs or make it a part of your WheatNet-IP network. Either way, the Aura8-IP-3 is a powerhouse.


Aura8-IP-3: Eight Processors Wherever You Need Them 

Imagine your audio chain. Now imagine it on legal steroids...

The Aura8-IP-3 occupies a single rack space, but packs an impressive complement of eight fully independent multi-band stereo audio processors. Each is deployable anywhere on the network through WheatNet-IP and offers full AGC, EQ, compression and limiting functions for HD, streaming, podcasting – up to eight separate stereo applications – in one unit.

The Aura8-IP-3 Audio Processing BLADE-3 brings two of Wheatstone’s core technologies together (Vorsis Ultra-High Resolution Audio Processing and WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network) to provide a convenient and cost effective way to provide audio processing wherever you need – standalone or on your WheatNet-IP network.

Each processing chain consists of a 4-band parametric equalizer followed by a crossover and three bands of compression. The compressors each feed their own limiters, whose outputs are then fed to a broadband lookahead limiter for tight peak control. The Aura8-IP-3 has its own local I/O, with four stereo pairs of AES digital audio and four stereo pairs of analog line level audio in and out, and can function as a standalone processing engine. Because it’s a BLADE-3, it can also instantly configure itself as part of a new or existing WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, making its processing power available throughout that network.

The Aura8-IP-3 is configured and controlled over Ethernet using a laptop or desktop computer. Included with the unit is Wheatstone’s acclaimed “Audio Processing GURU®” software, which allows easy setup of the processing using familiar, straightforward controls. Also available is a more sophisticated control interface called “GUI Pro,” which provides access to every individual processing parameter for expert-level adjustments.

Aura8ip rear analog digital v2

Processing feeds has never been easier. The synergy in this product of two winning technologies – WheatNet-IP and Wheatstone processing – invites some extremely creative and powerful network designs. As with all BLADE-3s, a routing matrix and routing control interface are included, as well as two 8-channel stereo utility mixers which can be controlled either by WheatNet-IP Navigator software or by the Sideboard control surface, which can be used for a wide range of applications (for example, using Wheatstone’s ACI Automation Control Interface, your automation system can control the mix for satellite or local insertion switching).

It’s also got a built-in web server, so you can configure and control locally or remotely without having to run dedicated software. There’s flexible GPI logic with 12 universal logic ports, programmable as inputs or outputs and routable throughout the entire system, SNMP messaging for alerts, and silence detection on each output that can trigger alarms or make a routing change.

Because it’s a BLADE-3 with eight processors, it’s perfectly positioned to handle some unique applications involving dynamic functions that are not easily handled with conventional gear. And as with all Wheatstone products, it’s made right here in New Bern, NC, USA.


  • Highest performance 24-bit A/D and D/A convertors

  • AES67 compatible

  • 8 complete Vorsis multiband processors, each with:

    - 4-band parametric equalizer

    - 3-way crossover

    - 3 compressors

    - 3 limiters

    - Final lookahead limiter

  • Two 8-channel utility mixers

  • 4 AES digital inputs on RJ-45 and “D” connectors

  • 4 stereo analog inputs on RJ-45 and "D" connectors

  • 4 AES digital outputs on RJ-45 and “D” connectors

  • 4 stereo analog outputs on RJ-45 and "D" connectors

  • Can be used standalone or as part of a WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network

  • Built-in router control

  • Front panel headphone jack

  • Socketed output chips

  • Front panel metering

  • Rugged power supply

  • Colorful OLED display

  • Silence sensing can be applied to any output

  • One Gigabit Ethernet port

Using Aura8-IP-3

The applications are virtually limitless...

What can you do with the Aura8-IP-3? Virtually anything you want! These are just a few of the ways you might use Aura8-IP-3. As a standalone processor, you get eight stereo channels of jaw-dropping Vorsis ultra high resolution processing power for under $500 per channel. That alone is worth the price of admission. But......when you take advantage of Aura8-IP-3 being a BLADE-3 with its built-in utility mixers, web server, full logic, SNMP messaging and silence detection, and use all that with it’s 8-channels of processing, its power is really unleashed.

How many ways can YOU think of to use the Aura8-IP-3?

sony 7509hdLow Latency Talent Headphone Processing

Often, the key to talent turning in their best performances is what they hear in their headphones. Give them a sound that drives them to brilliance with Aura8-IP-3.

jkaud Innkeeper4 FrontRemote Feed Conditioning

The great and hard thing about radio is that you can tie the world together on your broadcast. That means you can have audio flying in from all over. Aura8-IP-3 is exactly what you need for all of it, at a price that will make you very happy!

COMREX Short STAC for AdTalkshow Call-Ins

Processing can make a huge difference in the on-air quality of call-ins on your talk shows. Aura8-IP-3 is up 
to the task.

TielineGenieCodec Pre-Processing

Audio from codecs is subject to environmental conditions - at the source and through the connection. Processing with Aura8-IP-3 can clean it up nicely.

evi re20 lgMic Processing

Every microphone does a better job when it’s processed not only for the voice that’s speaking into it, but for the path it’s taking on the way to someone’s ears. Aura8-IP-3 does a superb job processing microphone audio..

SatelliteDishSatellite Uplink Peak and Spectral Control

The great and hard thing about radio is that you can tie the world together on your broadcast. That means you can have audio flying in from all over. Aura8-IP-3 is exactly what you need for all of it, at a price that will make you very happy!

IFB Conditioning

senn hmd26 600 xq

Clear communications between director, engineering and talent is key to presenting successful sports and multiple-report shows. Aura8-IP-3 is perfect for cleaning up IFB.


LaptopWeb Streams

Whether you are streaming now or getting ready to, there’s no better investment you can make in your station than to ensure those streams sound great. That’s exactly what Aura8-IP-3 does.

EDGESTL Pre-Processing and Protection-Processing

There are a lot of dedicated STL systems out there. Or, if you have a WheatNet-IP, it’s the perfect solution. No matter HOW you handle STL, let Aura8-IP-3 handle processing to ensure the audio is optimized for it.

HDradioMultiple HD Feeds

HD Radio gives you the option of broadcasting multiple audio streams of varying quality. Make the most of each by giving them processing that will make them stand out.

SugarContainerSweetening Incoming Commercials and Newsroom Feeds

Keeping your revenue sources sounding compelling can really help with audience perception and acceptance. Aura8-IP-3 is a cost-effective solution for ensuring your entire audio stream sounds SWEET!

AutomationWindowAutomation Streams

Wheatstone enjoys technology partnerships with the leaders in broadcast today. Use the AGC in Aura8-IP-3 to keep your automation streams clean and under control.

Audio Processing Overview

These block diagrams show the internal structure of the Aura8-IP-3 Processing BLADE-3

The top graphic shows how four of the eight processors are equipped with analog I/O and four are equipped with digital I/O when run in stand alone mode, and all eight are equipped with Wheatnet-IP audio inputs and outputs when run in networked mode.

The bottom graphic shows the 3-Band, 2-Band, and Broadband processing signal paths.


Aura8 IP Structure

Aura8-IP-3 GURU Software GUI

Basic setup is via Aura8-IP-3 AUDIO PROCESSING GURU® Software, which is included. Install it on a Windows® PC, and connect to the Aura8-IP-3 directly, over a network, or over the Internet.

With it, you get basic control over day-to-day parameters as well as the ability to tweak the factory presets in the most musical way you can imagine. We’ve grouped control over literally hundreds of individual processing functions in an intelligent configuration that changes groups within the presets collectively. What you get is immediate aural gratification.

For the tweaker, Audio Processing Guru® Software gives you six easy to understand controls to customize any preset. Each control changes multiple parameters behind the scenes to ensure intelligent adjustments to your sound. It’s like having your own audio guru with you when you tweak!

Aura8IP GUI SHot

WheatNet-IP Extends Wheatstone Processors’ Power

images/NEW_FOR_NAB_IMAGES/NAB_NEW_BLADES.jpgWith WheatNet-IP BLADE-3s, you get a virtual rack room in a 1-rack space box. They handle all the I/O (AES/EBU, SPDIF, AOIP, MADI, SDI and AES 67) and provide full routing capabilities. Each BLADE-3 gives you two 8x2 utility mixers, 12 universal GPI/O ports, 128 software logic ports, silence detection, built-in audio clip player, stereo multi-band audio processing, and much more, assignable anywhere on the network. With it you can create workflows that would require a ton of third-party gear.


Specs For Aura8-IP-3:

4 Stereo Analog inputs on 
“D” connectors and RJ-45.
4 AES Digital inputs on 
“D” connectors and RJ-45.


4 Stereo Analog outputs on 
“D” connectors and RJ-45.

4 AES Digital outputs on 
“D” connectors and RJ-45.

12 Universal Logic ports

8 embedded multi-band 
processing chains, each with 4-band parametric equalizer, 3-way crossover, 3 compressors, three limiters, broadband 
lookahead limiter

Non-volatile memory Storage for 80 presets
More than 25 pre-installed 
and write-protected

New factory presets can be downloaded from the Wheatstone Processing web site and installed via the Aura8-IP-3 Software


Common Specs to all BLADE-3s:

Connectors: RJ-45 (2), 12 channels
Voltage: +5VDC to GND 
 +5VDC and GND provided
Current: 100mA max source/sink

Connectors: RJ-45
Cable: CAT5E or CAT6
Audio transport: 
Gigabit Ethernet 

1000BASE-T, used for all 
BLADE-3-to-BLADE-3 audio traffic
Utility interface: 100BASE-TX for future use

Sample rate: 
44.1 or 48kHz, user-
selectable in software
Internal or external, 
External sync input
Reference level: 0dBFS=+4dBu (+4dBu=1.23VRMS)
0.5mS, BLADE-3 to switch to BLADE-3

Dimensions: 1RU 
19”/48.3cm wide
1-3/4”/4.5cm high 
13-1/4”/33.7cm deep 
15-1/4”/38.7cm deep 
with connectors
Shipping weight: 14lbs/6.4kg
Power consumption: 23VA, 12W


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