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These OLED Control Modules feature a high-resolution display on each button. Script them to control your WheatNet-IP environment. Available in rack mount enclosures or as drop-in modules for LX-24 and L-8 or L-12 consoles.

SS-8 LXE: Module for LXE with 8 programmable OLED buttons

SS-8 LX: Module for LX-24 with 8 programmable OLED buttons

SS-8 L8: Module for L-8 with 8 programmable OLED buttons

Sure, you've been able to script Wheatstone buttons forever. But you've never been able to do it in such style - or with such power.... Our SS-8 L8, SS-8 LX, SS-LXE, SS-8R, and SS-4R panels make it a beautiful thing!

Our new Scriptable OLED Switch Panels includes our versatile scripting engine and up to eight switches, each of which has a multi-colored graphical OLED display, for customizing WheatNet-IP access and control. Our easy scripting menu lets you map devices and functions to each switch for firing salvos, establishing network crosspoints, toggling between on/off, and more -- all of which can be represented in graphical and colorful detail on OLED displays. 

OLED Switch Panels are avaialable to fit your favorite rack (SS-8R, SS-4R) or can be dropped, as modules, into your LXE (SS-8LXE). LX-24 (SS-8LX), L-8 or L-12 (SS-8L8) for creating the ultimate control surface.

  • High-resolution OLED display on each button can be animated
  • Buttons are fully scriptable to control your WheatNet-IP environment
  • Works with our partners products through WheatNet-IP
  • Rugged  construction
  • Rack mount version available
  • Modules to fit LX-24 or L-8/L-12 available

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